What Items Does Thredup Not Accept

While Thredup is a great way to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, there are certain items they will not accept. This includes items that are damaged, have missing parts, or are not clothing or accessories. They also do not accept certain brands, including but not limited to Under Armour, Lululemon, and Gap.

If you are unsure whether or not your item will be accepted, it is best to check with customer service before sending it in.

As much as we would love to be able to recycle everything, there are some items that Thredup does not accept. Here is a list of items that Thredup cannot accept: -Purses or wallets with missing straps or handles

– Shoes with holes or major damage – Clothing with holes, rips, or stains – Undergarments

– Swimsuits – Jewelry without all pieces If you have any of these items, Thredup suggests finding another way to recycle them such as taking them to a local consignment store or donation center.

What Items Does Thredup Not Accept

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Why are Some Brands Ineligible for Payout on Thredup?

There are a few reasons why some brands may be ineligible for payout on thredUP. One reason is that the brand may not meet thredUP’s quality standards. In order to ensure that our customers have a great experience, we only accept items that are in excellent condition.

This means that items must be free of stains, tears, damage, and wear. If a brand does not meet these standards, then we cannot accept it and it will not be eligible for payout. Another reason why a brand may be ineligible for payout is if it is not a popular brand on thredUP.

We want to make sure that our customers can find what they’re looking for on our site, so we only accept items from brands that are popular with our shoppers. If a brand is not popular on thredUP, then it will not be eligible for payout. The last reason why a brand may be ineligible for payout is if the item is overstock or discontinued inventory from the retailer.

We want to make sure that our customers are getting the best possible deals on clothing, so we do not accept overstock or discontinued items from retailers. This ensures that shoppers can find great deals on clothing without having to worry about whether or not the item will still be available later on down the road.

Does Thredup Check for Authenticity?

thredUP is a fashion resale website where you can buy and sell secondhand clothing. The site has a section called “thredUP Authenticated” which features clothing that has been checked for authenticity by thredUP. To be considered for this section, the item must be brand name, in good condition, and have all original tags and labels attached.

thredUP does not accept items that are counterfeit, knockoffs, or replicas. If you’re looking to buy designer clothes at a fraction of the retail price, then checking out thredUP Authenticated is a great option. You can be confident that the items you’re buying are genuine, and you’ll also get free shipping on orders over $79.

What Does Thredup Do With Rejected Clothes?

When you donate clothes to thredUP, they sort through everything and decide what they can sell and what they can’t. Unfortunately, not every item is accepted. So, what does thredUP do with the clothes that don’t make the cut?

There are a few options for rejected clothing. First, thredUP will try to recycle the fabric if possible. If the fabric can’t be recycled, then it will be sent to a landfill.

However, thredUP tries to avoid this option whenever possible. Another option is donating the clothes to another charity. This is usually done with items that are in good condition but just aren’t selling well on thredUP.

By donating these items, someone in need might be able to get some use out of them. Finally, sometimes clothes are just too worn out or damaged to be sold or donated. When this happens, thredUP sends them straight to the landfill.

What Items are Not Accepted With Thredup?

There are a few items that thredUP does not accept. These include undergarments, swimwear, socks, and hosiery. Additionally, they do not accept any items with stains, rips, or tears; items that smell of smoke or perfume; or items with missing buttons or zippers.

Finally, they do not accept anything that is considered to be plus-size clothing.

What ThredUP Luxe DID and DID NOT Accept

What Does Thredup Accept

If you’re looking to clean out your closet and earn some money in the process, you may be wondering what thredUP accepts. The good news is that thredUP is a very inclusive platform when it comes to clothing brands. In fact, they accept over 35,000 different brands!

Some of the most popular brands that thredUP accepts include J.Crew, Anthropologie, Madewell, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. However, this is just a small sampling of the many brands that they take – so if you’re unsure about whether or not your clothes will be accepted, it’s always best to check with thredUP directly. In general, thredUP is looking for gently-worn clothing that is still in style and in good condition.

They also have specific guidelines for each brand – so be sure to check those before sending in your clothes. For example, some brands (like Ann Taylor) have a maximum number of items that can be submitted at one time. Ready to get started?

Great! All you need to do is create an account on thredUP and request a free Clean Out Kit. This kit will come with everything you need to send your clothes off – including a shipping label and instructions.

Once your clothes are received by thredUP, they’ll sort through everything and send you an email letting you know what was accepted and how much money you’ll earn from your sale. Easy peasy!


ThredUp is an online consignment and thrift store, but not all items are accepted. Here is a list of items that ThredUp does NOT accept: -Clothing with holes, stains, or damage

-Undergarments -Socks -Swimwear

-Anything with pet hair or smells like smoke

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