What Entertainment is at a Christening

A Christening is a special occasion that celebrates the entrance of a new baby into the world and their faith. At a Christening, there are many different forms of entertainment to make it an enjoyable day for both adults and children. Entertainment can range from religious ceremonies, games, music, dance performances or activities that involve people of all ages coming together in celebration.

For example, during the ceremony itself you may have readings from scripture or hymns sung by members of the family or church congregation. This helps create an atmosphere filled with love and joy as everyone unites to support this new life being welcomed into their community. After the ceremony has taken place there may be more traditional party type games such as pinning tails on donkeys or musical chairs – these help keep younger guests entertained while giving parents time to catch up with old friends and relatives who have come from far away to share in this special day.

If you’re planning a christening, you may be wondering what type of entertainment to include. After all, it is an important event that will celebrate the arrival of your little one into the world and their baptismal journey into faith. There are a variety of activities that can make your christening ceremony entertaining and memorable for everyone involved!

One way to liven up your christening party is by having live music or karaoke. Live music can bring a festive atmosphere to any event and provide hours of fun for guests. If you have access to professional musicians or DJs, they can create an unforgettable experience with upbeat tunes and classic favorites like “Amazing Grace” or “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to professionals, consider hosting karaoke so that guests can take turns singing traditional hymns along with their favorite songs from today’s popular artists. Another great option is providing interactive games at the reception following the formal service. You could set up classic carnival-style games such as ring tosses and beanbag tosses for kids (and adults!) alike to enjoy throughout the celebration.

Or perhaps organize some board games like Pictionary or Charades so everyone can join in on the fun! Not only will this keep people entertained but it also gives them an opportunity to engage with each other in meaningful conversation about life together as family members within faith communities too! Aside from these ideas, there are many more ways you can make sure entertainment at a christening does not fall short!

Consider organizing traditional dances – such as Irish jigs or Scottish reels – where participants get dressed in colorful costumes while hitting shoes against wooden floors; playing musical instruments; doing storytelling performances; giving out prizes; making balloon animals; serving delicious food items etc., all designed towards adding color & vibrancy towards creating lasting memories during this special occasion!

What Entertainment is at a Christening

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Q: What Types of Entertainment are Typically Included at a Christening

A christening is a special religious ceremony that marks the beginning of a child’s spiritual journey. It is often celebrated with family, friends and loved ones who gather to offer their love and support for the new life entering into the world. While traditions vary by culture, there are certain types of entertainment typically included at these events.

One common type of entertainment found at christenings is music. Depending on your cultural background, this could range from classical church hymns to more modern tunes that fit with the theme or atmosphere you’re trying to create for your guests. Music can be live or prerecorded; if you opt for a live band, consider hiring one with experience in playing traditional christening music so they can provide an appropriate selection of songs throughout the event.

Additionally, many churches have organs and pianos which can be used as part of the service itself or during intermissions between readings or speeches. Another popular form of entertainment at christenings is storytelling – either through reading stories aloud from books or hearing personal recollections shared by relatives and close friends about how they met each other before having children together (or even what led them to become godparents!). These tales help bring families closer together while also creating some fun memories for all involved!

Such stories may include funny anecdotes about past experiences involving babies/children in general, famous sayings related to being parents/godparents etc., even poems written specifically for this occasion – all helping make this day truly special and memorable! Finally, games are another great way to entertain guests attending a christening celebration! Whether it’s board games like Monopoly Junior designed specifically for young children who might not understand complex rules yet; larger outdoor activities like bubble blowing contests (for kids) or horseshoes (for adults); card games such as Go Fish; trivia questions related to scripture passages read during mass- whatever fits best with your group dynamic will work wonders here!

Not only do these activities keep everyone engaged but they also add extra laughter into an already joyous occasion- making it that much better overall! In conclusion, there are various types of entertainment available when hosting a christening celebration – from musical performances & story telling sessions through large outdoor activities & classic boardgames – providing plenty options when deciding how best to honor new life entering our lives & bringing us closer together as families & communities alike.

Q: Is It Customary to Have a Cake Or Other Desserts at a Christening

A christening is a time-honored tradition that celebrates the birth of a child and serves as an introduction to the community and religious faith. As such, it’s often celebrated with friends and family who join in on festivities to commemorate the event. Oftentimes, this includes having some kind of celebratory cake or dessert.

It’s customary for many families to have a cake at their children’s christening ceremony. Whether you opt for something simple like cupcakes or go all out with an elaborate tiered cake, it can be a great way to celebrate your little one’s special day. Having something sweet can make the occasion even more memorable, especially if you choose flavors that are unique or meaningful in some way—like lemon frosting for baptismal cakes symbolizing new life and rebirth.

Making or buying a cake isn’t essential but most people do include desserts at their christenings since they add sweetness (both literally and figuratively) to the occasion. Not only does it give guests something nice to enjoy after lunch but having treats around will also keep everyone feeling festive during what’s usually quite an emotional moment when baby is baptized into his/her church family/community. If you’re looking for alternatives beyond cakes, other popular options include cookies, brownies, donuts and pies—all of which are tasty treats that work well with any budget!

Some families even set up candy buffets where guests can mix and match different kinds of sweets according to their preferences; these types of displays look lovely when decorated appropriately too! Finally, if your celebration is taking place outdoors in warm weather then frozen desserts like ice cream sundaes might be just what you need—it’ll help keep everyone cool while still providing them with plenty of deliciousness! All in all, adding some kind of dessert at your christening is certainly not required but it does offer another layer of joyfulness at this special event so take advantage if possible!

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Christening After Party Ideas

When it comes to celebrating the christening of your newborn, there’s no better way to do it than with a special after party. After all, what better way is there to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them for coming out and supporting such a monumental occasion? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of planning a christening after party, don’t worry!

We’ve got some great ideas that will help make your big day even more memorable. The first thing you’ll want to consider when planning an after party is determining where the event should take place. If space allows, hosting the event at home is often ideal as it gives everyone plenty of room to mingle and celebrate in comfort.

However, if space isn’t an option or if you’d prefer not to host at home then renting out a hall can be just as fun – plus this allows for extra decorations so that guests feel like they are truly taking part in something special! When deciding on food for your christening after party, finger foods are always popular choices since they’re easy for both adults and children alike. Consider setting up a buffet table filled with tasty treats like mini sandwiches, cheese and crackers platters or bite-sized desserts – these type of items are sure to please everyone without having to break the bank!

Of course don’t forget drinks too – mocktails such as fruit punch or ginger beer can be enjoyed by all ages while adult beverages (if desired) should also be available too. Once everything has been taken care of regarding food and drinks, now’s the time think about entertainment options which can really help bring people together during this festive occasion. Depending on budget/space restraints live music may not be possible but depending on age group karaoke could work well – alternatively board games or outdoor activities (weather permitting) might also prove popular among guests!

Additionally why not set up photo booths complete with props so that everyone can capture their memories from this special day? No matter what kind of Christening After Party Ideas you decide upon one thing’s certain – it’ll definitely become one celebration that nobody will soon forget!

Christening Ideas on a Budget

If you’re planning a christening for your child, but are working with a tight budget, then don’t worry – there are plenty of affordable and creative ways to make the event special. Here are some ideas for throwing an unforgettable christening on a budget. Start by considering where the ceremony will be held: churches often have very reasonable rates for services, and if that’s not an option you can always rent out a hall or other venue from which to hold it.

You can also host it in your own home if you have enough space; just make sure to keep decorations simple so as not to overwhelm the room. As far as invitations go, try designing them yourself using online tools or even plain paper and markers; this will save money while still making guests feel special. When it comes to food, enlist friends and family members (or even hire someone) who can help prepare snacks and meals at lower costs than caterers would charge.

If possible, incorporate dishes into the menu that carry cultural significance within your family – this adds personal meaning without adding too much cost. For entertainment purposes consider hiring a photographer instead of videographer since photos tend to cost less; this way you’ll still get beautiful memories without breaking the bank! Finally, when choosing gifts for godparents or other guests opt for something homemade like cookies or cupcakes rather than store bought items – this is both economical and thoughtful.

With these tips in mind anyone should be able to throw an amazing Christening on any budget! Don’t forget that what matters most is celebrating your little one’s entrance into their faith community – all else is secondary so focus on creating meaningful experiences over expensive ones whenever possible!

Christening Party Games

If you’re looking for something special to do at your child’s christening, why not think about some fun party games? Not only will these activities keep all the guests entertained, but they can also be meaningful ways to honor and celebrate the child’s new beginning. Here are five great christening party game ideas that will make your little one’s special day even more memorable:

1. Baby Naming Game – Ask each guest to come up with a name for the baby (or if you already know the name, they can provide a middle name). Write all of the suggestions on separate pieces of paper and have everyone vote on their favorite name. The winner gets a prize!

2. Memory Quilt – Have each guest write down their best wishes or advice for the baby in fabric pens onto squares of fabric. Afterwards, sew them together into quilt that can be hung in baby’s room as an ever-present reminder of how much he or she is loved by family and friends! 3. Make A Wish – Ask everyone to make a wish for your little one before blowing out candles on his/her birthday cake (one candle per person).

These acts of kindness will serve as little lights guiding him/her throughout life! 4. Christening Bingo – Beforehand, print out bingo cards featuring items related to christenings such as “baptismal font”, “priest” etc., then ask guests to find those items during mass or ceremony so they can mark off their card when it happens (first person with a full line wins!). 5..

Pin The Cross On The Baby– Just like pinning tail on donkey except instead drawing crosses onto poster board and let kids take turns trying blindfolded stick it close enough without actually touching it!. This should bring lots laughter as well smiles from mommy & daddy knowing what is being done has spiritual meaning behind it too!!

Christening Program

If you’re planning a christening ceremony for your newborn, you want to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. A well-crafted christening program can serve as an important guide throughout the day and help ensure that everything runs smoothly. A christening program should include all of the essential information about the event such as the date, time and location.

It should also list out any readings or prayers that will take place during the ceremony. The details of who will be performing or taking part in each element are important too – whether this is parents, godparents, grandparents or other family members. For a more traditional service there may be hymns and songs included – so these could be listed on the program with page numbers for easy reference if appropriate.

Once all of these details are gathered together correctly it’s possible to create an attractive design using software such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Publisher which can then be printed onto cardstock for everyone attending to keep as a memento from the special day. There’s no need to go overboard in designing your christening program – something simple but elegant is often best – but it’s worth including a few personal touches like photos of baby or meaningful quotes which will add an extra dimension to proceedings when they see their finished product! You might also consider adding some additional information into your program such as directions (especially useful if you have guests coming from far away), gift ideas/registry details and contact info for those hosting/organizing etc., especially if people haven’t been able attend due to current restrictions around social gathering sizes etc..

This way they’ll still feel involved even though they’re not physically present! All in all, creating your own customised christening programs doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it can really add something special to what is already sure to be an incredibly memorable occasion!

Christening Party Games for Adults

If you’re planning a christening for an adult, it can be difficult to come up with party games that will entertain everyone. After all, most traditional christening games are designed for children and might not be as much fun for adults. Here are some ideas of christening party games that adults will enjoy.

One game is called “Name That Bible Verse” – give each guest a card with the name of a bible verse written on it (you can find them in any good bible). Then have each person take turns guessing what the actual words of the verse are while other guests help by providing hints or clues. The first one to guess correctly wins!

Another fun game is “Bible Trivia” – divide your guests into teams and ask questions about different books from the Bible or characters from stories within them. You can even make this more challenging by having teams try to answer questions about specific verses or passages in certain books. This game is sure to get people in the festive mood!

If you want something more active, try “Pin the Cross on Jesus” – draw a large picture of Jesus on poster board and cut out crosses from construction paper (or felt, if you prefer). Blindfold each guest and see who comes closest to putting their cross onto Jesus’ chest without peeking! This game also adds an element of competition which makes it even more entertaining.

Finally, don’t forget classic icebreakers like charades or two truths and a lie which always add laughter and energy at any gathering – especially when there’s alcohol involved! Everyone loves these timeless classics so they’re sure to get your guests talking. No matter which activities you choose for your adult Christening Party Games, just remember that keeping things lighthearted and interactive will ensure that everyone has an enjoyable time celebrating together!

What Do You Do After a Christening

Attending a christening is an incredibly special occasion that celebrates the life of a new baby. After the ceremony, family and friends will typically gather to celebrate with a meal, drinks, or even a party. No matter how you choose to commemorate this special day, there are certain steps you should take after your christening to ensure it’s truly memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

The first thing you should do after leaving the church is send thank-you notes or cards to all those who attended the christening. This includes close relatives such as grandparents and aunties/uncles as well as any guests who traveled from out of town for the event. You should also consider sending one to Godparents if they weren’t able to attend in person but sent along their best wishes via mail or online messaging service

If you had set up some games during your gathering (which is not uncommon), now would be an excellent time for people to play them together! Whether it’s board games like Monopoly or card games such as Uno – these can bring everyone closer together while creating fun memories at the same time! Plus, when dinner comes around later on in the evening – everyone will already be familiar with each other so they can dig straight into conversation over delicious food.

Finally, once dinner has been served it’s usually customary for someone (usually parents)to cut a cake in honor of their new bundle of joy! The cake cutting ritual often marks an important milestone within families so if possible try and get everyone involved in making sure things run smoothly by taking pictures throughout OR having everyone join hands when singing “Happy Birthday” towards baby afterwards! It’ll definitely make for great story-telling years down line too 🙂

All things considered – attending a Christening is something special; both emotionally and spiritually rewarding which means its importance shouldn’t be underestimated either!


A Christening is a special occasion where family and friends gather to celebrate the birth of a new baby. It’s an important day for parents, as it marks the first step in their child’s spiritual journey. While there are religious elements associated with this milestone event, there are also plenty of opportunities for fun and entertainment!

When planning a christening celebration, one of the most important things to consider is what type of entertainment you would like to provide. From music and dancing to games and activities, there are many ways to keep your guests entertained throughout the day. Another great option is hiring professional entertainers such as magicians or clowns who can bring laughter and joy into your gathering.

And don’t forget about food – having delicious treats on hand will make sure that everyone stays happy! No matter how big or small your christening party may be, making sure that you have some kind of entertainment lined up will ensure that guests have an enjoyable time celebrating this special moment in life. With all these options available, it’s easy to find something perfect for any type of budget or style preference – so start planning today!

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