Can a Hummingbird Flap Its Wings 200 Times Per Second

According to a study done by the University of British Columbia, the answer is yes- a hummingbird can flap its wings 200 times per second. The study was conducted by filming high-speed footage of hummingbirds in flight and then using computer analysis to slow down the footage and count the number of wingbeats. The findings showed that not only can hummingbirds flap their wings 200 times per second, but they are also able to adjust their wingbeats depending on the needs of the situation.

For example, when hovering, a hummingbird will beat its wings at a lower rate than when it is flying forward.

We all know that hummingbirds are amazing creatures. They can fly forwards, backwards, and even upside down! But did you know that they can also flap their wings an astounding 200 times per second?

That’s right – these tiny birds have some serious wing power. So how do they do it? Well, it all has to do with their anatomy.

Their wings are very different from those of other birds. Instead of having just one bone in each wing, they have three – this gives them extra flexibility and helps them achieve that high flapping rate. And when you factor in their small size and light weight, it’s no wonder they can move so fast!

So the next time you see a hummingbird zipping around, take a moment to appreciate the amazing feat of nature that is taking place before your eyes. These little creatures are true masters of the sky!

Can a Hummingbird Flap Its Wings 200 Times Per Second


Which Bird Can Flap Its Wings 200 Times Per Second?

The bird that can flap its wings 200 times per second is the hummingbird. The hummingbird is able to fly at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour and can hover in mid-air. The hummingbird’s wingbeat is so fast that it is a blur to the human eye.

How Many Times Can a Hummingbird Flap Its Wings Per Second?

A hummingbird’s wings can flap up to 200 times per second. That’s an amazing feat, considering the bird’s body is about the size of a human thumb! The high wing-flapping rate allows hummingbirds to hover in mid-air, making them excellent pollinators.

When you see a hummingbird darting from flower to flower, it looks like they’re just flapping their wings really fast. But they’re actually using a special flying technique called “figure 8.” Their wings move in a figure 8 pattern, which gives them lift and propels them forward at the same time.

How Fast Does a Hummingbird’S Wing Flap?

How fast does a hummingbird’s wing flap? The answer may surprise you – a hummingbird’s wing can flap up to 200 times per second! That’s an incredible feat of speed and agility, and one that allows these tiny birds to hover in mid-air, as well as zip around at high speeds.

Interestingly, the majority of a hummingbird’s power is used not for flapping its wings, but for keeping them hovering in place. So, if you see a hummingbird hovering near a flower or other item of interest, it is using far more energy than if it were simply flying from point A to point B. All this flapping takes its toll on a hummingbird’s body, and they must consume large amounts of sugar-rich nectar to keep their energy levels up.

In fact, a hummingbird can drink up to twice its body weight in nectar every day!

How Fast Can a Hummingbird Fly in a Second?

The speed of a hummingbird has been recorded at up to 60 miles per hour. However, the average speed is closer to 30 miles per hour. The top speed for a hummingbird has been recorded at 200 beats per second.

How Fast Can a Hummingbird Flap?

How Many Times Does a Hummingbird Flap Its Wings Per Minute

If you’ve ever seen a hummingbird in flight, you know they move quickly! But just how fast do those little wings flap? A hummingbird can flap its wings up to 80 times per second, which works out to around 4,800 times per minute.

That’s some serious wing action! To put that into perspective, the average human heart beats around 60-80 times per minute. So while we are resting, a hummingbird’s wings are flapping almost continuously.

No wonder they need to eat so often – it takes a lot of energy to keep those wings moving at such a high speed!


Yes, a hummingbird can flap its wings 200 times per second. The average hummingbird has a wingbeat of around 50-60 beats per second, but some species can reach up to 200 beats per second. The fastest recorded wingbeat was by the ruby-throated hummingbird, at 83 beats per second.

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